Swelling and tightness

  • Lexigirl
  • Allen/Dallas TX
  • 3 years ago

Qustion 1: I am post op day 24. I am mostly straight up and with a bit of mental encouragment I am up straight with a bit of tightness. Since this tightness is not painful and this is PO day 24 should I push through it? Question 2: When is it okay to wear something other than summer/sun dresses. Jeans, capris? Question 3: The tightness is going away spotty. Almost all gone on the right, but a significant amount left on the left side - is this common? Question 4: I went to the gym yesterday and walked on the treadmill for 25 minutes,(1 mile, 2.4 mph, no incline) Dr said this was okay, but wanted to check if anyone else hit the treadmill before day 24? Question 5: What are the guidelines for the compression garment? When can I wear it less than more? I go to my Dr tomorrow but had these questions floating around in my head today...thanks!

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I wore my garments when it was hot & humid, when I exercised & when I worked (I have a busy, on my feet the whole time job). The last day of school 6/17 at 10 weeks post op, I stopped wearing my garment - I have a job at the school, so I have summers off. I have not been overly swollen at all. I still swell a little, but it is coming down a lot now!

Question #1 - Go slow on this.  Try to stand up as straight as you can but if it kills you then back down.  It will all come eventually.

Question #2 - You can wear anything that feels comfortable to you.  Just go with what feels best.  Looser around the middle is nice though.

Question #3 - The tightness, swelling and pulling can be different from area to area on your tummy.  It all heals at its own pace.

Question #4 - My doctor said that walking with no incline was ok to do between weeks 4-6.  Listen to your body and if something hurts or pulls stop. 

Question #5 - I never worn any garments so can't help you there.  Other ladies on the site are experts with this one.  I have attached a link that may help.  http://www.realself.com/question/had-flanks-back-under-butt-area-and-little-fat-under-arms


Thank You so much. The link was helpful in that every Dr is different but I was able to extract out of it what is right for me. TY again!

Glad to help:)