When will swelling and puffy eyes from Fraxel go away?

  • babs
  • 6 years ago

I recently had two Fraxel treatments for mild skin issues: uneven skin tone, sun damage.

My last treatment was five weeks ago, and while my skin tone is great, my eyes are still notably puffy. This results in dark circles under my eyes and the appearance that I didn't get a good night of sleep. Two weeks ago I saw my dermatologist, who told me that the residual swelling was not abnormal, and that I should continue to treat the areas with ice packs for ten minutes per day.

I have followed the recommendation but the swelling does not seem to be subsiding. Is this a normal side effect of the fraxel treatment? Will the swelling eventually go away or did I trade slightly uneven skin for permanently puffy eyes

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I had this done yesterday and my eyes are swollen.. and reading this saying that it can take forever for the swelling to go down scares me.. look like i got beat up.. lol.. i sure hope this was worth it..
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no one told me two weeks....Ihadthis done yesterdsy and there is only one mention of slight swelling....today my eyes were swollen shut.... the skin is fine, but i need to see.... I never had puffy eyes before and was proud of it... just freckles.... or "pigment" i just wanted smoother skin..... any ideas on what does workto make swelling go downn?????
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Thanks for posting this !! Now i think i should think of it again whether to go for that treatment or not...

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Wow, you have the exact thing I was trying to find an answer to. I had very aggressive fraxel on my lower eyelids and though it has only been 2 weeks I have the same puffy "bags" you are describing. I sort of wish I had my own eyes back before the treatment. I have been obsessing about having these swollen bags forever. Have yours gotten any better yet??
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Thanks for the comment. I know it's only been two weeks, but I know other RealSelf readers would love to hear more about your experience. Please consider writing a review. You can update it at anytime and let us know how you're progressing. Click here to share your experience with Fraxel.
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