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Swelling and lumping after tummy tuck

  • donna1981
  • UK
  • 4 years ago

I had a full tummy tuck on 6th January 2010 (just over 3 weeks ago) At first their was a bit of swelling but it seemed t be gone after a week, I saw my surgoen on the 15th on Jan who checked and said their was no fluid and my tummy was very flat and their was no need to travel to see him again.

Then about a week ago i bent to pick something up and heard and felt a kind of pop in my upper abdomen....since then it has bulged btween my belly button and breasts, it then goes in at the belly buttn and out again tight at the bottom near the scar...their as also a lumpy but at the end of the scar on my left hip.

I am wearing my high control pants as advised by my surgeon. Any advice would be very very helpfull.

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Donna, if it were me, I'd get it checked out. I am pretty sure that I have a major suture (it's a dented in place) right in that area you describe. It may be some kind of anchor stitch... Call your doc.
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