Swelling and lipo

  • Brina1234
  • Dallas
  • 3 years ago

I had Lipo on Tuesday and have been suprised at the pain. I had a TT in February and was at work in ten days, so I have a pretty high pain tolernace. My question is that I am swelling..alot My feet and lower legs look huge. I know some swel;ling is ok and I always retain a little water that I take lasix for. Has anyone experience alot of swelling? Have you tried any natural remedies? I had my back, thighs and Bottom done. I am ewearing a VERY snug compression garment that goes to my knees.

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Hi Brina -- Bromelain will supposedly help with swelling. You can buy supplements or eat foods that contain it naturally, like pineapple. Other than that, compression is your best friend! Also, drink lots of water and avoid high-sodium foods.

Hope this helps. :)

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