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Swelling above incision 40days Post Op

  • Achilds
  • Frankfort, KY
  • 2 years ago

My experienced, board certified PS says she's never encountered this before.  Pooched out all along the incision line.  She says it is not a sernoma.  First said it was lymphatic drainage build up now says more surgery likely.  I am heartsick. Has anyone encountered this type swelling or whatever it is after their TT?  See how its flat below then fat above?  I am worried if she just does lipo, will that leave loose skin and not give me the flatness I wanted.  And of course I have to wait before I can do more surgery so I have to go around looking like this after a tummy tuck surgery! 

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I am now two months post surgery and i am still looking pretty bad. It has gone down some but i am still swollen. It may take revision surgery is what i am being told.
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I am really interested to know an update on your progress and the reason for the swelling. Did it go away? Or did u have revision surgery? I am losing my mind. Going crazy thinking I have damaged myself for life. Please kindly respond.
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OMG my first period was horrible!!! I was so swollen and had such horrible cramping that I ended up taking some of my left over pain meds for the first day just to get through it lol!!!
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I had swelling not as large as that but did look pregnant at 5 weeks. It was the start of my first period since surgery and the lymphatic draining. I freaked for 5 days thinking I had an internal infection but after a lot of rest it finally started to go down. I am 9 weeks and also have swelling above incision line.
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40 days isn't that far out from surgery. You will still have lots of swelling at this point. I would do the Q&A and include your pictures and ask the doctors the same question. I am almost 9 weeks out and I have swelling mostly above my incision line. Not as extreme as yours but everyone heals differently. Good luck!
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