swelling and im depressed

  • Natasha Waco
  • Waco, Texas
  • 3 years ago

i know i am being irrational and i am 24 days post op and i look like i am 5 months pregnant. heck i am swollen all over my body, i am watching sodium and i am clean eating,so im in swell hell and im depressed. i wanted the bulging belly to be gone but it looks like i still have a tummy. sorry im just venting laadies

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Natasha, take heart, it will get better, and soon.

I'm at 9 weeks, and don't have too much swelling, but I hardly do anything. My PS told me the more I did, the more I'd swell - so I still let hubby do the laundry and cleaning, and I don't lift.

I walk, I shop and cook, but other than that, I eat and sleep, and go to work. I've had little problem with swelling, although I do get some, and tightness in my lower ab, by late in the day.

In the late afternoon, I bundle up with one of those wide black velcro belts that are used for back support (think workers at hardware stores). I wear that til after supper and it provides comfort and support and helps the annoyance of swelling go away.

After supper, I sit in the recliner and read or whatever, and I use an ice pack on my belly and hips during the evening.

I've noticed that I have not suffered the mood swings, crying jags, etc., that many mention. I think that is due to the fact that I had so much support from hubby. He did everything for about 3 weeks, and still does the lifting, etc. It's helped tremendously, and makes me feel good.