Swelling afterwards.....time frame?

  • asuphan
  • Columbus, OH
  • 3 years ago

Hello, well I am 41 and finally decided to pull the trigger on nose surgery. I found an amazing surgeon, and had it done on the 13th of June. I had a pretty huge nose that was crooked, he straightened it out and got rid of the bump, that i also had. He made it smaller, but, and I stressed to him that I wanted it smaller but not a button nose, even told him again I want it smaller right before surgery. He did an amazing job I have to say. But it still looks like its the same size, well the tip area does. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the size I had I would say it is now a 8 and that the actual size will be smaller after the swelling goes down? Percentage?

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I don't think anyone can give you an actual percentage, because it depends on each individual person's body and tissues. For me, there wasn't that much swelling and my nose just went down a small fraction from the time my splint came off. I'm not a big facial sweller, though. So it could be very different for others.

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