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Swelling after exercise 9 weeks post tummy tuck

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  • 4 years ago

I am 9 weeks post tummy tuck and started running and lifting weights again 2 weeks ago. I am watching what I eat but scale is showing a few pounds up instead of down. Could this be more swelling...pants fit okay. I just wasn't sure if it is normal to swell up again after starting to work out. I know I shouldn't be concerned with scale to much but it is hard not to look at it. Thank you for your input.

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Everyone's different I strength train full body 3 days a week abs ok as long as I don't do isolation exercises... And I'm 10 months post op!!!! Lol I still can't do a full bridge in yoga either grrrrr
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Just realized this post is 4 years old lol
I went back to working out at 5 weeks (with a 5K at 6 weeks post op) after my ps and I talked about how I had no complications and healed really good. Thanks to a high protein lifestyle. He knew he couldn't tell me what I can and can't do as far as weight training given my personality. Of corse everything requires using your abs in one way or another. I'm now 11 weeks post op and this week finally lifting back to pre TT. Happy it didn't take long to get back to 305lb deadlifts, 225lb squats, 135 bench press after 5 weeks off.
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I am five months post tummy tuck and LOVING my new body. I went from a size 18 to size 14. My abs are so much stronger now that the muscle is sewn together (I've had nine pregnancies and children). Swelling was crazy uncomfortable the first 8 - 12 weeks, and I just stopped wearing my surgical garment at 4 months. Swelling seems fine now except for a few hours after an intense evening CrossFit workout... I gain four inches in my waist but then while I sleep it goes away and in the morning I look great again. Eventually my lymphatic system will renew itself and be able to get rid of fluid! I've heard it takes six months to a year.
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Glad I saw this post. Like wise after working out it seems my belly swells up n it gets very tight. When I GI to sleep n wake up all is fine again. My belly goes back to being flat. Now my question is even if I gain 5 to 10lbs will my stomach still be flat? I am 9 weeks post op n I am loving my results even though I am still a bit swollen.
I am 11 weeks post op and my new workout plan includes plank dumbbell rows and after my workout yesterday I had sharp shooting pains at my belly button but all is well.
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I am 4 months post tt and find lymphatic drainage massages are critical for help with swelling. I am wondering if anyone is feeling a different (pre tt) pain (?) in the belly button area when doing crunches or anything that targets core. My dr said I was feeling tension where the muscles were stitched together and that I could not at this point hurt anything, but don't know if he really know what I am feeling as I don't think he has had a tt . . .
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i must say i do love wearing my spanx aswell but its been 5 weeks post op and i am still swelled up and have alot of serum build up. is this normal?
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I really loved wearing my Spanx under my workout clothes when I started back with my workouts. The support felt good as I was getting back to my routines and helped me from overdoing it in the beginning.
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Oh this is normal to swell with exercise at 9 weeks.  I stared back at the gym doing light walking between 4-6 weeks post op and swelled up like a pig.  This continued all the way up to six months post op.  It does get better each month. 
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I had tt and muscle repair and I am 10 weeks post op. I was flat from day one up until about 2-3 weeks out and then I started swelling. Around 6 weeks I started really swelling up. In the morning it is about 2 inches less in swelling but that is it. My surgeon says he doesn't understand why I am so big this far out. Your post has inspired are you this far out and is there any other advice you could share? Thanks so much!
Are you pushing yourself too hard?   Your body is going to be healing for up to a year.  
Def. not. Only exercise so far is I just started walking 30 minutes about three times a week. No straining, lifting of more then 20 lbs, etc
Ok good, keep it at this pace for a while.  For some reason your body is being stubborn.  
My doc told me today that I will most definitely want to wear my spanx type garment to the gym once I start working out again because you will most definitely swell! We swell when working out normally so we will swell even more now after TT.
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i have had a tt 2 weeks ago and i am in so much pain, want to know how long this pain is going to go on for. my skin is burning
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I didn't have any pain was just sore. If you have burning in your muscles you are doing too much.
MVB, I'm three weeks post op tomorrow and I didn't have that much burning. I think the lipo is what causes the burning sensation but mine went away rather quickly.

I think you should call your doctor and discuss it. Hope you feel better.
I thought I was going to die the first two weeks. Trust me it gets better week after week. I am now 9weeks post op and I get occasional swellings. The pain is completely gone n my shape is awesome
This is just my opinion. I am not a Dr. but I weigh myself daily. That is my way of keeping my weight in check. I know that my body can fluctuate daily from 1 to 2 pounds depending on what I ate, the time of the month, or even the weather. So I don't let that nother me too mcuh. I expect this. But when it goes beyond its normal range in the up direction, I usually know what I am doing to cause it, then I stop it and work at getting those extra pound off. I am only 2 weeks post op and I still look preganant. I am starting to see the swelling subside but jsut don't be too hard on yourself and just keep an eye on it. It is goes up too much then talk to your Dr. Best of luck to you!
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