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  • 3 years ago

I am 26 days post op and am in desperate need of encouragement. Feeling very down............ Anyone??????????

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Today, I measured my swelled pouch - nope, still the same 40.5 inches it was a few weeks ago. Sigh. I do have hips, so I wasn't expecting anything there - but I gained a bit of weight pre-surgery when I went to China and then lost it right before surgery. I wore a size 8 pants and while a little tight, they were fine. then post-surgery, omigoodness - I was so swelled I had to buy size 12 in almost everything. Then today - I measured my post-op swelled up pooch - yep, still 40.5 inches, but I fit into the size 8 pants. How do I figure this? strange. go away pooch go away
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I'm at 5 weeks and swollen - I look pregnant (and I never have been). I've been reading a lot about swelling the last few weeks - so I'm hoping each of these heals my tummy faster though I know it will take time.
- bromelain
- Fresh pineapple with cottage cheese (Daisy only - natural)
- LMD - I've had my first, second on Monday
- more water
- less sodium
- more protein - less carbs
- arnica montana (mostly for bruising, it's also supposed to help with swelling)
- I wear my compression garment religiously and only now take it off for showering and for about an hour each nice as a treat.
- I don't eat as much - I try not to -as I need to get down at least 5 more pounds. If I eat heavy I can feel it in my compression garment and i"m miserable. This should be a dieters dream.
- Don't get the cardio up - this increases swelling. I used to be a runner but for the next 6 months - or how long it takes, I'm taking 1-2 mile walks each day (if I can fit it in). Wonderful!

those are things I"m doing - would love to hear what others are doing
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Rose you are doing everything you should be doing.  Time it the biggest healer with the Swell Hell. 

Rest, ice, elevate, low to no sodium, drinking plenty of fluids, lean protein, patience, patience, patience.

Hang tough girl!

Thanks, Kimmers! Good to hear!
Well.....that is what I thought. I think I'll bring it up to her. I feel like what she is working on is the edema in the muscles which is just fine with me. I am 7 weeks post op and I feel like I never had the procedure done. I feel great, swelling minimal. I had ab repair done so I was a bit scared of the aggressivness in the beginning and still a little bit.
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Lexigirl, my therapist and all that I have read about lymphatic massage say that is a light rhythmic massage with circular strokes and some pumping techniques. Light strokes circular toward the heart and down toward your lymph nodes in your thighs. It. Shouldn't be painful or with
Much pressure at all. I'd find a different therapist and try it out!
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Question: did your therapist work the area super vigoursly, I mean like really kneading down into it? I have had 3 now that I can't last longer than 25 minutes with. I am so sore the rest of the day and partially into the next day but then after that the swelling is down. I just got to thinking after this 3rd one, "I wonder if it should be this vigorous?" This is what she specializes in but I just had the random thought? Your thoughts? I h ad ab repair done to and the first time I thougth she might ruin things it was so hard, but no....
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Hey Lexigirl, I had my LMD today and I did an hour massage. OMG, it felt awesome to me though. But I am over 10 weeks, so I'm not really sore any more and am pretty much healed. My therapist said I am really swollen and hard in spots though and we will see how things turned out on Tuesday when she returns from the weekend. She gave me homework to do tonight in the shower, which is a self tummy massage around and down and out thru the lymph nodes in the upper thigh. We will see how much toxins I flush out over the next couple of days. I can tell you though that it was so relaxing to me and I can't wait to get my next one as well as other types of massage! I'm so happy I work at a massage clinic now!!
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Hi 45isnew25,
I had the 2nd LMD on Thursday (yesterday). It was only 30 minutes which is p-l-e-n-t-y of time to be kneading on the whole area. My therapist could really tell a difference in the area! I could too just from the standpoint of how much I was able to let her get after it....I wasn't quite as squeemish. Interestingly enough, my surgeon who I went to an hour before did a needle extraction of fluid and didn't get any. That was a good thing, meaning all of the swelling is edema, in the tissue and time is the friend, not the enemy. I am the enemy with my impatience! Anyhow, unlike the 1st time I am not sore the day after (which is today). I did 2o minutes on the treadmill and 20 minutes on the elliptical. I am 5 weeks plus 2 days out. My surgeon is thrilled with everything. I just need to quit being so impatient and settle down, lol.
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Hi Lexigirl,
I know exactly how you feel. I am 2 weeks PO and I have had the blues all week. I hate not being able to exercise (something I normally do everyday). I am suddenly having increased swelling in my lower legs. My left foot is especially swollen. Has anyone else had this problem?
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clemcgrad, I think that lower body swelling would concern me personally. Have you called your PS?
Thanks! I'm having mine done tomorrow afternoon. I told my therapist who is my employee and you are right, I don't care either now if people know about it. I don't know why we feel weird about TT when a boob job, women are telling everyone! I'm looking forward to your latest reply! I'll let you know how mine goes since I'm further along and scar is healed and less swelling.
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Sorry, been on vacation for a few days. I am set to do my 2nd lymphatic drain massage today, (Thursday, July 7th). The one last Wednesday left me 'loose' for about 10 minutes then the swelling returned. So I am not sure if there is any benefit? But I have to believe that the therapist really getting after it (she monitored my comfort level the whole time) couldn't be bad. Since I had bits and pieces of scabs left, she stayed away from the scar but I am sure that will not be the case today :)as the scab is gone.
Last week I felt like my body responded by increased swelling afterwards, but again I feel like week by week there will not be that same extreme reaction. I am only having her do 20-25 minutes. The rest of the hour is swedish, so a welcomed reward. As far as not telling anyone about my TT, I have told any and everyone. I find that women who know about it are so inquisitive because I think we all despise our battle wounds from pregnancy and childbirth,lol!
I don't mind answering questions either. Woman seem to brag about all other PS procedures, but TT seems to be taboo? Don't get it. I will post my results from the LDM tomorrow...promise!!
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I am sorry!  Hang in there and it will get better.  The Swell Hell is the worst part of this entire process. 

Try to focus ahead on your final results and that will get you through.

Hugs to you:)

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Thursday, July7th
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So any change since the first one? Has it helped with swelling? Made anything start moving? I'm trying to find out if I want to ask the massage therapist at work to do this for me or not. New job and no one knows that I had a tummy tuck and if I have this massage....they will all know! So of course, I'm wanting to know if it is helpful or not. I'm 9 weeks post op now and am thinking it may help resolve some of my lipo banding/knots. I'm not really having too much swelling but have heard it's good for the lipo as well as your incision.
I will let you know. I did have my first one yesterday, Wednesday. It was mostly uncomfortable because of how my skin feels still. My therapist got pretty into it but yet every second monitored my comfort level. She said I would feel alot looser which I did for 5 seconds but then spent the rest of the day a little down in the dumps because it increased my swelling. However I feel like maybe that is how it works...kinda cranking everything up and then it start draining. I'll let you know tonight how I feel (had the massage yesterday at 11:30AM) It'a only 7:00 am and I have'nt started moving around too much.
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Thanks so much. I'll look forward to hearing from you about it. When is your next one scheduled?
Thank you for your status. I am only 4 weeks post op today and still going through up and down days. Isn't it natural that when you swell to feel extra tight too? I went and had a lymphatic drain massage today and I think my body reacted with more swelling. Hoping that tommorow it will bring about results. Interesting that you had the most swelling at 7 weeks - that had to be frustrating? I know I am expecting too much too soon. I am just an avid exerciser and I know getting my endorphin release is part of the occasional blues.
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Oh please let me know how the lymphatic massage turns out. I just started a discussion asking other women if they had used it and what their thoughts were about it. I work for Massage Envy and have therapists that are certified to perform it but don't know if I should try it or not.
Are you swelling? I swelled my worse at 7 weeks post op. After that, it just started getting better. The swelling is very frustrating & annoying, but it is your body's way of healing & it will get better.
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HI there,

Is there anything in particular you're feeling down about? Or just feeling down in general?

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