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is this swell hell- I am so upset

  • kim525
  • tt
  • 1 year ago

I had a full TT and hip and flank lipo on 1/24. I am doing ok. Husband was being awesome up until about day 7 and now I think he is drained from situation (still unfair though)  anyway I look ok my incision is so even, i look smaller - however i still think I look thick and and swollen in the stomach area.... BUT everyday if I am up and about i get SO SWOLLEN. My garment starts feeling 2 times to small, my legs get big and thick- the last two nights it was after 6 pm. Today it happened at 11 am....My neighbor had a full TT in October and she is the happiest person in the world and can't remember this happening at all....I feel like crying

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You'll be ok. Your body just went through such trauma, and it's going to take some time for things to settle down again. The first two months are when most of the swelling happens, and you're only two weeks out, so be easy on yourself. Remember, comparing your recovery to others is always going to leave you with worries and doubts! Everyone's body handles recovery at its own pace. Do make sure you get plenty of fluids and that you get to rest fairly frequently with your feet up. My nurses said that the people who have the most post-op complications and swelling are the ones trying to tackle too much too soon. I hope you can appeal to your husband for some more help and just get some rest. They say the first weeks are the hardest and we're most at risk for depressed feelings. You'll be ok. *big careful-bellied hugs to you*
KIm, try drinking more fluids that may help.