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Have any of you sustained a blow to the nose after rhino? How did it affect your results?

  • irsi
  • New York, NY
  • 1 year ago

I had surgery in June--tip elevation w/ a trimmed medpor implant. It looked awful for first five weeks 90% of the time, except when I got out of the shower, and then suddenly, by week six, I saw a nose smaller than I thought my nose could be made. It would be swollen for the first half of the day, but by noon, it wasn't just a recognizable nose, but an attractive one.  (I know that's not unusual, given that it's before scar tissue formation.) Then, stupidly, that week, I sustained a blow bad enough to make the nose fill up with fluid again again. (My surgeon checked my nose--the implant he put in is intact, but it's a serious source of trouble.) Seven weeks after that (and three months post op and 7 wks after that stupid blow), I massaged the nose too hard, hit a blood vessel that had been pushed up under the skin (didn't see it), and it refilled..again. (On that side, at least). Now I'm 4.5 months post-op, 6 months after the last stupid thing I did, and my nose is lopsided and looks awful. (I'm especially frustrated because the "healed" side is okay.)   It's incredibly frustrating and I feel anxious/guilty; has anyone gotten through something similar and did it negatively affect your results? (I'm worried about the scar tissue becoming permanent based on this talk about "prolonged" swelling.)    I'm especially sad because I never expected to have gotten some relief with my skin type, but it actually seemed okay by week 8....I undid all of that. The anxiety of waiting this out is pretty awful. Because of the implant my surgeon said it's too dangerous to try kenalog injections.