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  • 3 years ago

Friday was Parents' Night at our high school football game.  My husband and I escorted our son onto the field and had our picture taken.  I was just looking through the online pictures of that night and I was shocked at myself!  All I could do was stare!  Is that really me?!  I have really only paid attention to how the ladies look when I'm not dressed, and at that time I'm more looking at symmetry, incisions, and bruising, not the whole picture.  But wow...what a surprise it is to see that team T-shirt just hang on me.  There were actually wrinkles in the fabric as it was not stretched tight across my chest.  And I've still got enough swelling that I'm still a DD.  What will I be like when I'm a C?    Has anyone else been surprised when they really see themselves for that first time?

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Love it!!!

Yes totally!
It is strange that you start to get a bit fussy when seeing them undressed. But as soon as they are in a nice bra, or clothed, it is a different story.
Makes a huge, confident smile appear, as if from no-where!