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Is there a non surgical option for the beginnings of a "turkey neck?"

  • Oklahoma City4253
  • Oklahoma City, OK
  • 3 years ago

I have read that surgery is necessary to achieve a neck lift, but I am 29 years old & have just noticed that my neck has begun to sag. I thought losing the few extra pounds I put on over the last year might fix it, but at 115 lbs, I still have the dreaded gobbler.

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I think it is skin for the most part, but I'm sure there's some fat there too. This is new territory for me, so it's hard to tell. 115 has always been my happy weight where there wasn't much extra flab anywhere and it was easily maintained. The older I get, the more that number doesn't seem to mean much. I assume because of my muscle to fat ratio changing with less weight bearing exercise.

You may also want to post in the Doctor Q&A Forum for some professional advice.

Even at 115lb, do you have a lot of fat under your neck or is it strictly skin?