Looking to Get a Non Surgical Nose Job in Mobile, Alabama, Suggestions?

  • TheRealAmani
  • Mobile, AL
  • 2 years ago

I'm looking for a doctor in Mobile, Alabama to perform a non surgical nose job. I know of several doctors that perform rhinoplasty, but are these two procedures mutually exclusive? I've tried researching to figure out which doctors perform this procedure, but it seems like its nowhere to be found. Is it such a minimally requested procedure that they just don't list it, or do these physicians just not perform it? Thanks in advance!!

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I have been also looking in Al. I live close to Bham. The link above didnt show any doctor info. Sharon could you let me know who they are? Thank you

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Sorry, the list has changed: the doctors that used to offer non-surgical nose jobs in Birmingham aren't listing it anymore.

How about Huntsville? That's the only listing I could find in Alabama.

Hi Aman -- Some doctors do both, but it does require a certain amount of expertise in nose work and in fillers, which not all doctors do. I don't know of any doctors in Mobile who do it, but if you can get to Birmingham there are a few options (here's a list). You can also ask for recommendations on the Doctor Q&A Forum. The docs who post are pretty helpful about recommending colleagues in other parts of the country.

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