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How do i know what size surgical bra to buy? Im currently a 32 ff, no idea where i will end up. also where do I buy surgical bras (i live in canada). Thanks for any help!

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Thanks, guys! I have been wondering about bras and this helps a lot!
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I wondered about surgical bras too. The hospital provided me a bra after the surgery.

My doctor recommended the inexpensive Hanes sports bras (they come in a 2-pack for about $9.99)with the hooks in the front. Its sized based on your width ..32,34 and cup size. I'm now a D-cup and they worked fine for me. Also, Hanes has the "comfort bra" same design without the racer back....for about $8.99 each...better for wearing street clothes.

I'm seven weeks out and I now wear wirefee bras to work....but change into these when I get home. I plan to keep a bra on always for 6months....they are great to sleep in.
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Not sure how you know size. My consultant told me what size Z bras I would need for the 3 months after the operation. I am a 36HH and she has told me 38 D for the Z bras, the 38 is so that any gauze padding and swelling does not make it tight.

She also said that my size would continue to change for the first 5-6 months. Not sure what to end as but think it will be around 36C ish.

Z Bras you can get on line. Their main benefit, according to my surgeon is the band underneath that supports and does not move/rub any bruising.

PS These are all UK sizes so prob need a converter!
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