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Anyone have surgery while still having some dysport symptoms?

  • Huddie
  • 1 year ago

Does anyone know this answer:  I had dysport in June 2012 similar symptoms to everyone here. Horrible headaches, weepy, blurry eyes, stomach pain, weight loss, horrible malaise like chronic fatigue. It's 6 months out and I'm still tired. I am supposed to have oral surgery (with twilight not local). If this toxin is still in my system could they be a serious interaction? Thanks.

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Have you discussed this with the dentist or surgeon who is suppose to be doing your surgery?

In my personal opinion, if you don't feel that your body is up to it and the surgery isn't crucial, perhaps you would be best pushing it off a bit longer until you feel you are fully ready for it.

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Megan, Thank you for your prompt response. I am trying to do that. I have a sinus/baceterial/staph infection (just got culture back) so probably why I also have low white blood cell count. On heavy duty antibiotic for that. Don't want tooth issue to become systemic. I guess I'll see how I am on Monday. I did tell the surgeon about the Dysport but I can tell he didn't know anything about it. He just said 'it should be fine'.
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I'm glad you discussed it with him. His reaction could have been him considering that whatever drugs they plan to give you for your surgery aren't known to have interactions with Dysport, combined with the knowledge that Dysport usually seems to stay in a person's system for 3-4 months, so yours should be on its way out of your system. So he may have really felt it should be fine. I can see how that could come across as dismissive though depending on how he said it.

I hope you are all healed up from your infection soon - what a rough go you have had lately. :-/

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Wow thank you for saying it should be out. I get scared on this board with people saying it took a year and I'm confused by that. Thanks very much.
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Well, of course with our bodies there are no guarantees, but it does seem from all I have read and heard that it usually lasts 3-4 months, sometimes up to 6 months. Here are some Q&A's that might help with your concern as well:

How Long Does Botox Last?

How Long Do Botox Toxins Stay in Your Body?

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Wow thanks you're a godsend!
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Always happy to help.

Rest up, beat that infection & feel better!! :)

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Megan, One final question: the link was for botox. My experience is with dysport. Does it have the same lifespan?
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Ah, sorry about that. I tend to consider them the same thing although you are right there are little differences.

Here is a Q&A that addresses the very question you asked:

Does Dysport Last Longer Than Botox?

I'll attach this on too, just to arm you with as much info as possible:

Dysport Vs. Botox - What's the Difference?

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