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Why is Surgery Still the Only Answer?

  • Josieb
  • 2 years ago

It seems that plastic surgeons only want to suggest surgery.  No, I do not think there is CURRENTLY a cream  that will lift a fallen breast BUT if there were, do you really think a PLASTIC surgeon would tell you? No, and they're not looking either.  They always say to achieve the look you want, you need to let me or someone else cut you open and stick a bag inside.  I'm not ready for all that. Why not consider that maybe for now all I want is a smoother more toned appearance, any suggestions for that?

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Your post is contradictory to me, I don't understand it.

There have been creams marketed that have been proven not to work, along with devises and exercise equipment. A lot of these cost a pretty penny.
20 years ago I spoke to my General Practitioner about exercising like my trainers told me to and she told me that plastic surgery was my only answer. 20 years later I have a surgery date of July 27th. Wish I did it when I was young during my youthful years, and saved myself from some heartache.
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Thanks for your post. Surgery isn't the ONLY answer, but plastic surgeons ARE surgeons and if you go to see them, then that is what they will suggest if they think it's appropriate for you. I'm sorry if it feels that you're being pushed into surgery. In this day and age, surgery is still the most effective way to lift breasts and that's just a fact.

Maybe some ladies on this site will have some ideas for you about achieving smoother breasts.

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