Surgery set for July 7th! Not sure about the size or below or above muscle. Advice needed

  • girlwithcurls89
  • Palm Desert, CA
  • 5 months ago

Hi all!I'm sure this "size" issue comes up ALOT..but heres another I'm 24, 5'3, 110 pounds, and wear a 32-34 A. At my consolation I decided to go with silicone 325 cc. My doctor recommended I go above the muscle....I've read that there are more problems with this method and it can look too fake as opposed to below the muscle. She said not to worry about it and with my body type its best to do it this way, but then of course I went online and read other doctor's take on it and am completely confused. So the question is: which one do you prefer and why? Do you think it looks fake below or above or at all? Obviously they may look a little fake either way...Another question is the size I'm going for. I want to be a full C. I tried both 325 and 350cc..I decided on 325 but then thought I might regret not going a little bigger..So I'm really debating this.. I have a small frame and want a natural but noticeable look..My pic is my profile pic so you can get an idea of what I've got working for me...or...NOT working for me hahaAny advice would be great! I go back to my post op in 2 weeks so I've gotta start really making a decision. Oh and I did the rice test with both sizes...Couldn't really tell a difference haha.Thanks gals!