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Anyone Had Surgery in Genk with Dr Wolter?

  • lucyengland
  • london
  • 1 year ago

just would like to know if anyone has any experience with this surgeon , thank you , getting a bit nevous not long to go , thanks

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Hi lucy, im getting mine next week with Dr Tim Wolter, excited n nervous :)
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Hello , didn't realise I had a message , how did things go ? Hope all went well , I 'd be interested to know if you had a better experience than me, take care
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Hi lucy, it's been 2 months and 3 weeks since my surgery in November, everything went well, Dr Wolter was very nice and straight forward, no complain, the wound healing nicely :). I went from size 36A to 36C/HP/ silicone/ 380cc. Dr.T Wolter did a good job ! :). What about u? Did u go with Dr Wolter ?
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Yes I had him too, all ok now and I didn't get any infections but I really did suffer! Laughing now but wouldn't wish that experience on anyone , but I did get a good job I had 400cc under the muscle :)
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I'm really pleased it all went well for you
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