Surgery Fears

  • redreader
  • 2 years ago

At the risk of sounding silly, I must ask; are any of you afraid to have surgery?  I am more afraid of the actual anethesia than the recovery & results of my BR.  Anyone else feel the same?  I feel like I am being a wimp about this.  Surgery is safe, right?!

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When is your surgery
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Tuesday the 12th

You will do wonderfully. I know it is a difficult task but really try to focus only on the posative. I made myself sick with worry. The anxiety before surgery was the worst part for me. I know It is really hard to get over the fear of the anasthesia but you really are extreamly safe. Breast reductions and anasthesia are safer now then they have ever been. all you have to do really is walk in for surgery and tell them that you are a nervous wreck and they will give you something to calm you down , next thing you know it is over. The only thing they did to me while I was awake was put my in a gown, give me an IV, Dr. Geter did a few markings( but most while asleep) and told me I could lay on the bed in my room and then they put something in my IV and I was gone. It was very calm and relaxing.
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Thank you!! I keep visualizing a relaxed, calm, safe experience. As surgery approaches, I am trying to keep my anxiety level low. It fluctuates. Thank you for sharing your experience.
Thank you so much!!!! All of the info you shared is really helpful. I will probably read it a dozen times before going next week. Your post eases my fears. Again, thank you.
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No problem! "Going to sleep" is the term some use when they euthanize pets, and I think one can't help but sometimes compare the two idioms. :-) I was out 12 hours for my last surgery, and if there were any residual effects of the anesthetic, they were all lumped into the rest of the recovery.

I'm more worried about what to wear for the first weeks after surgery. We aren't known for vast closets of front opening shirts!!! Cutting the old 2x t-shirts down the front and fastening them with duct tape would send my daughter into orbit, but I don't want to buy any new clothes until I'm my final new size. What are you doing about that???
Hahahaha! That would send my daughter into orbit too! Oh, these adolescents! Since I don't plan to leave the house much, I am going to wear some of my husband's button shirts. I think I might check Goodwill for a few extra. How long is it til we can lift our arms above the shoulders? I am getting really excited!
Sadly, I've been a widow for over 10 years, so my stash of hubby shirts has dwindled down to some real ratty work shirts. For some reason, they discharged me from brain surgery in a pair of XXXX scrubs. So big my dear friend had to hang onto the pants when he helped me out of the wheelchair. It was so hilarious, I've kept them...and I think that might be my go-to shirt for the rest of this week! Just asked Lizzy what her mobility is, so hopefully she'll answer the next time she gets to her computer. Trying to decide whether to put things within my coffee cup!
you won't be lifting much for a while I couldn't even lift a cup for over the first day. today is day 10 post op for me. I can assure you, you will not want to lift ANYTHING for a week or so. I is really difficult to do. It pulls on your incisions and makes the bruises hurt. It really is not a good feeling. I tried to drive today and it was to soon. I made it 2 blocks and came O' well
Thanks, zing! I've prepared for the hopefully won't have to lift anything beyond my coffee cup (made by others) for several days, and nothing "heavy" for a couple weeks. You get one chance at a good recovery. Having screwed one up....extra cautious this time! Also have plenty of pain pills. This is what they are for. No merit badges for enduring unnecessary pain. Nobody cares if you have pills left over...and eventually teenagers will steal them anyway, so best to take them... that's the OTHER lesson I learned! :-)
PS Need to clarify, it wasn't MY teenager who pinched the pills...but it was one of her "school" friends. Just a word to the uninitiated: the pills we hate to take are very popular with a certain segment of the younger generation, so do be careful where you keep your Vicodan, etc, especially after you're finished with it.
I have a friend who has been there . I completely understand .
Hey Redreader, at the risk of also sounding silly, I kind of like general anesthesia. :-/ Much better than "conscious anesthesia", which I've also had and stayed too conscious! It's the last thing you'll remember of this phase and when you wake up it's a whole new world. Always intrigued by how fast it works, as I try my hardest to fight it, but have never gotten past 97 counting back from 100! For me, waking up is like coming out of a good dream that you don't want to leave. THAT'S when reality hits me. Oh yeah, now I remember what we were doing...can I have a pain pill, please?

FWIW, anesthesiologists have the rap among other doctors as being hyper focused on one thing at a time....that would be you, their patient. Other docs sometimes get annoyed because they are known for not lifting a finger to do one other thing in an OR other than monitor the anesthesia going to their patient and the patient's vitals. It's a fine balance between too much and not enough, and I like knowing their discipline is so hyper-vigilant it makes them the butt of jokes in the doctors' lounge! I've never had a bad experience with anesthesia, and with day surgery, we get to avoid the bad food! I think that stuff could kill us. When you get home, drink lots of water, and as soon as we can get up and walk comfortably, oxygen to blood and muscles helps your system get rid of the residual. Good luck!
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The anesthesia was also my biggest fear. I told the anesesthiologist that when I met him. It was a very reassuring convo.

I also figure the following: a death during a cosmetic procedure pretty much destroys a PS's business. He/she has a lot at risk if the anesesthiologist does a poor job. As long as you've done all the clearances ( EKG, physical, etc.), you will be fine.
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Hi All,
Yes i too am afraid of the GA (General Anaesthesia) aspect of the BR.
Common sense and experience tells me it is incredibly safe. Patients are assessed pre-op for a variety of problems such as diabetes, heart problems such a murmurs or previous surgery etc, lung problems such as asthma and any other relevant information such as if you smoke cigarettes or take any substances (illegal and legal); allergies to anything - including medication, previous GA's (and how you reacted to them); other operations, pain levels etc.
Your weight and height is relevant also because issues with breathing, drug calculations and fluid balance during and post op.
Your pre-op assessments for normal values also play a part, eg normal ECG (EKG), haemoglobin (blood count) biochemical levels (U&E's) and any oher blood work eg glucose levels if diabetic etc.
GA's are very safe but the most feared aspect of any surgery. No Dr would operate or give a GA to any patient they felt was high risk.
For most of us who are scared, (including me!!) it's a trust issue, as we are rightly, normally included in any decisions we make and if we feel pain or discomfort we say how we feel and its acknowledged and treated. When asleep however, we are totally in the hands of the anaesthetist to ensure our welfare, control pain levels and to make sure we are safe.
The way i am dealing with this is to:
1) focus on post op - (having nice smaller boobs lol) and my quality of life after the BR
2) When i am scared to think to myself 'yes i am scared but for a few hours of fear i will have a pain-free life and the benefits outweigh the fear of GA'
3)Ask my anaesthetist for a sedating pre-med to take the 'edge off' the fear.

redreader, you are NOT being a wimp!! I think all of us have a fear of some type whether it's drain removal, GA's, scarring- it affects us all in different ways. We have all lived with the curse of big boobs for so long and to contemplate a life free of pain, people/men staring at them and a lack of wearing nice clothing etc etc; is difficult at times. We all know to be in that wonderful 'post op' place involves surgery and a GA. It's a big hurdle to jump but jump we must!!
Try and be positive and if it helps, read the wonderful post op stories on here and trust the brave women who have said they would do it all over again 'in a heartbeat'. That's how great they all feel free of big boobs. For me, i love this site as it gives me the strength to cope with my fears as the encouragement from other women means so much to me.
We can do this!!! Sorry its been a bit long.... i just wanted to give a big cyber 'hug' (((H)))
to all who are like me, waiting for this much wanted procedure. x x x x
Your post is so encouraging. Thank you!
you are very welcome xx xx
Thank you so much for this, Deb. I am going to print it out so I can read it all the time. My surgery is in a week and it's really sinking in that my BR is finally going to happen. So exciting and so very scary.

Thank you for putting everything in perspective. It's much appreciated!
you are very welcome. Best of luck!
x x
I am having the same feelings.
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