Anyone have any surgery with Emily Pollard, Bala Cynwyd Pa? what was your experience?

  • all4me1213
  • Pennsylvania
  • 2 years ago

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Hey All4me, I was also considering this doctor. I've heard pretty good things about her from some people. It might be worth a shot to go in and have a consult. I wish I could offer you more advice but I can't since I'm just a prospective patient too, but I wanted to just contribute that I'm in the same boat. :'/ But I think she's good since she was apparently featured on Oprah, and she has a really nice philosophy for good health on her site. Good luck.
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hi bowiekid86, I actually had the surgery with Dr. Pollard & love my results. I posted this during my research stage...
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Hey, I'm sorry I didn't see you were the same user I probably already contacted, it was my slip. I apologize! Sometimes I am way too tired and stay up late on the computer so I didn't realize it. :') I am glad you love the results!
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Hi there,

You can find Dr. Pollard's RealSelf profile here. Hopefully some folks with first hand experience will chime in for you.

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