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Has any one had surgery with Dr. Anuchit Kovitvattanaphong

  • jennydreamteam
  • 1 year ago

Has any one had a face lift or any other surgery with Dr. Anuchit Kovitvattanaphong at  Bangkok Hospital Pattaya Thailand

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I am 2.5 weeks post op Breast Augmentation with Dr Anuchit at Bangkok Hospital Pattaya. So far so good. Procedure was straight forward. Dr Anuchit preferred implants are of Mentor brand and he recommends axilla approach (but can perform either). The hospital is modern, clean and spacious. They also have English speaking staff. I am very happy with the outcome so far. The cost of procedure with one nights hospital stay has totalled approx. 114 000 THB
Hi I had breast augmentation 2 years ago now with the same doctor, and I really should of went back and complained, but as your only on holiday there and not six month after when "they drop" I never did and I'm not sure if he would of done a revision on them again for free in Thailand, I'm actually gong back for a holiday there in a couple of weeks and was wondering weather to make a appointment to show him my results that am not happy with after "they have dropped!" Any way my experience is my implants were placed far to high and yes they have dropped slightly but still not enough and my own breast is hanging underneath the implant, they don't look to bad in a bra but they don't look good when I take it off, if your not happy with any thing, don't do what I did and do nothing, go back if u can, hopefully your happy with them and u have better luck them me, good luck.

Hi there,

Are you still considering this doctor? Sorry no one has responded to your post. Folks are just starting to post about Thai doctors on the site, so I expect more info on them in the future.

Any one had facial surgery with Dr Nond in Bangkok