Anyone here had surgery by either Dr Andrade or Dr Ayeni in Newmarket, Ont?

  • crashedcat
  • Central, Ontario
  • 2 years ago

Was just wondering if there is anyone in here that has had surgery at Southlake in Newmarket more so Dr Andrade and or Dr Ayeni? Dr Ayeni is just new to Newmarket she was at Beth Israel in New York. I am going in for surgery with Dr Ayeni at Dr Andrade's suggestion. He did the "lollipop" on a good friend of mine and she is THRILLED and looks AMAZING! so I am hoping for near to the same results!  

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Yes I did Oct 5. I'm sure you will be thrilled with her. I find her to be very knowledgable and although I am only 4 weeks post op I am very happy with the results. I have a couple of spots that aren't healing the way I'd like, but I am much older than you and it will naturally take a little longer. I am 64. Are you scheduled for Nov. 2. Please keep us informed as to your recovery. Good luck.
Hi there, I was coming to update and I realized I never responded from the first time you responded. Sorry! You response put me at ease before the actual surgery. Oddly enough she mentioned a 64yo lady she had recently done as she was marking me up! I told her about this site and your response to me! I think she has done a wonderful job! I need to remember I just had surgery and take it easy as I feel good and am ready to roll! I have my follow up with her today so we will see if she is happy with her handy work, I know I am! Hope you are continuing to heal and those spots have come along! Again, thanks for your response and sorry I was so tardy!