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has anyone had any surgery with Beauty holiday Poland ( Dr Piotr Rataj ) Prestige clinic

  • Janine1183
  • 2 years ago

im off to Poland in 4 weeks for surgery with Beauty holiday Poland ( Dr Piotr Rataj ) Prestige clinic. has anyone been there before? thanks

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Hello, my husband had a FUE transplant there, however we organized everything through clinic for yoy and not beauty holiday, I think they work with the same surgeon. My husband is very happy about the results, dr. Rataj did a great work and the whole medical staff was very helpful and friendly even though the only person who spoke English fluently was our assistant - Maciek. They took care of my husband and we didn't have to worry about anything. Maciek was drove us to the clinic and hotel, helped us with translation and even shopping. We are going back there soon, as my husband wants another procedure to achieve better results, and I'm having a cosmetic consultation concerning tummy lipo. We can't wait. I truly recommend both dr. Rataj and clinic for you.
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i have had my TT and BA, i have been back home now for 2 weeks on Wednesday... I am so happy i used this surgeon.. I am happy with the service from start to finish... My mum had also had a TT, she is happy as well with the service.. He does not just accept anything you say, i wanted my breast bigger but he had said NO he wont do them, i will look silly and they will not look natural.. im so glad i listened to him, they are perfect with the size he suggested... the Scar on my Tummy is so thin, im amazed by it.. he also used dissolving stitches on both my Tummy and Breasts... cant see any stitches on both just on each corner to where the knots are.... The staff were brilliant in the clinic... little english spoken by the nurses but they knew what you needed... they understand what you ask for but lack in talking back... this i didnt mind, i was just happy with them understanding when i asked for water, pain and toilet ect... The Nurses were gentle and understanding.... The surgeon, he is such a funny man, he work is brilliant... I will be honest i was a bit concerned going as there are really no reviews on him or there is one or two with bad reviews.. i did question him about them and i was told that the following people didnt stay as long as they were meant to, therefore lead to infections.. bla bla bla..... i will be honest, he did say to my mum that she might have to change her flight because she needed to have more draining from her drains but would decide in a few days time, then after the 3 days he said that she was ok to fly home... i had booked this surgery via Beautyholidaypoland and discussed arrangements and prices with a guy called Peter.... on arrival to poland we were picked up by Alica and she was out taxi woman for everything, she done the clinic visits, took us shopping ( after 11pm at night ) and done all the translating.... Both Peter and Alicia were exellent... all in all myself and Mum are both very happy with the service and will be returning for further surgery next year..
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Hi, I'm considering going to Czech for a TT. Have you had yours yet? How was your experience?
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