Surgery August 9th.... second thoughts...

  • meaghan93
  • 2 years ago

Hello everybody!    I am 18 years old, 5' 3'' and 165 lbs. I have my reduction scheduled for August 9th, and at this moment I am FAR from excited. I currently wear a 34 GG, I can't remember the last time I was able to buy a bra in a regular store or run more than a mile with out having to hold my boobs. The main reason I am undergoing the surgery is because a little over 2 years ago I fractured my spine and the excess weight from my chest is overbearing. It hurts to bend, sit upright, run... it hurts to do it all. I never worried about the cosmetic effects until now. I used to say I don't care how they look, as long as there smaller. Up until two days ago that was my belief. Now, I constantly find myself walking into the bathroom and just looking at my boobs. I feel like I am making a mistake. Not to mention all the stories I have seen about fat necrosis and dead nipples. I am absolutely scared shi*****! I was a smoker, but not ever heavily, maybe a pack or two a week. I managed to quit but I cheated once! And I am ever so mad at myself. That night I had nightmares, and ever since then I have be going back and forth in my head about rescheduling or even canceling the surgery. Maybe these feelings are normal... I'm not sure. Did anyone else go through this come time for their surgery?? Thanks! Meaghan

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I am going through the exact same thing.... Worrying I will miss them, it will go wrong, that I wont be myself, that doing this will make me miserable forever etc etc. Would be really helpful to know whether you went forward or not and how you are feeling now. Going for my consultation in Sept (the NHS takes forever) so its giving me ages and ages to worry and stress.
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I just read this and I don't know if you went through with it or not. I think all of your feelings are normal and I went through a lot of your fears. I will say that I have had a slight complication with fat necrossis, but I did not loose my nipple. It's been almost a month since surgery and I am still healing due to my complication.I have an amazing PS and I know that everything is going to look great once it heals. Even with the necrossis problem, I do NOT regret having the surgery at all. My back doesn't hurt and I can fit into clothes that I never imagined wering before. Good luck whatever you decide.
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