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Having surgery April 11th

  • Katherine2668
  • 2 years ago

 I am having my surgery Wednesday the 11th, pending my mammogram results come back ok.  I am really nervous but excited.  I'm also worried that the mammogram will postpone things.  I went last week for one and they called me back because things had changed???   They definitely have changed.  I've lost 55 lbs in the past two years -- 6 inches from my breasts. There is simply nothing left in there.  I have two boys and a wonderful supportive husband.  We are not telling anyone about the surgery.  They boys are satisfied with the "lady stuff" explanation.  I am worried about being able to keep this from my extended family though.  They would not understand and it would cause more grief that it is worth.  Besides, its my body.  I have struggled with my body image my entire life.  I never imagined that once I got to my ideal weight I would be left with so much loose skin and saggy empty breasts.  I have never had surgery this extensive before either.  Any advice and encouragement will be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Katherine! You should join us on the April Tummy Tuck forum. I am scheduled the day before you on the 10 th and I also have not told my extended family. The only people that know are my Mother and my husband. I agree, it's your body and a personal decision you are making to enhance your body. Best of luck to you and congrats on the weight loss!
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That is true -- I have thought about that.
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My TT is scheduled for the day after your surgery! You'll do great. If your extended family finds out, just tell them you're having abdominal surgery to correct the muscle separation from pregnancy. I was very worried originally about sharing my surgery news, but honestly everyone I've told has said that I deserve it. They might react differently than you think. Good luck!
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oooh, I'm so excited for you! And congrats on that massive weight loss. Well done! I would highly recommend that you post your story in the mommy makeover review community (even before surgery). You can update and add photos/video over there (if you so desire). It's a great way to garner some support on your journey.

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