Surgery after Artefill?

  • s_ferrari
  • 2 years ago

I absolutely hate my profile and have been wanting cosmetic surgery for as long as I can remember. After hearing about Artefill the other day my dream finally seems within reach. Eventually I want to have a nose job to get rid of that horrible bump and shorten the tip but for now I am willing to settle with Artefill to smooth it out. Can I get Artefill injected into my nose and then later on have the actual surgery? Same question for my chin. I eventually want to get an implant but I will use Artefill until I can afford it. 

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I'm so glad you are here doing your research before moving forward with treatment - very smart!

Here are a couple Q&As that might be helpful:

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You also might be interested in checking out our Non Surgical Nose Job Community.

Do you mind me asking what made you interested in Artefill over other fillers?


I am interested in Artefill because it is supposed to last longer than other fillers. I can't afford to get a filler that breaks down after 6 months to a year. I was considering a nonsurgical nose job but I eventually want the actual surgical procedure to make my nose smaller so I don't know if I want to do the filler until I can afford it or if I just want to start saving for rhinoplasty..Hmm... I will look into the links you posted! Thank you. :)