Surgeons who specialize in Revision &/or Symmastia Breast Augmentation???

  • Valerie91288
  • 10 months ago

I have had two implant surgeries so far.  My last surgery has left me with symmastia (my implants are merging into one).  My previous surgeon caused this by making my implants too close in an attempt to increase my cleavage and reduce the extreme gap the other surgeon had left.  I've been trying to do my research for a surgeon who performs surgery to correct symmastia, but I am coming up with limited results, and it's difficult to tell just based on websites who is legit and who just has great PR. I would really like any and all recommendations of surgeons in the US who specialize in revision breast augmentation. I especially would like if anyone knows of any surgeons who do many symmastia procedures.Thank you in advance.