Surgeons opinions on overseas operations

  • anon in australia
  • Brisbane
  • 2 years ago

Has anyone else come on here to ask a perfectly clear question only to find that the doctors do not address the aesthetic aspect but more so where you will be getting them done? I have obviously done my research and found a board specified surgeon who has been practicing for over 20 years and operates in Phuket.  I also will be getting polyurethane (my choice) breast implants as there is less problems than with the silicone ones PLUS it's the same coating that's used on pacemakers... BUT, all I got in response was repetitive answers about medical tourism and how polyurethane are not approved in the USA.  Also, doctors were saying that I should see an Australian surgeon but guess what... Many of the surgeons in Australia CHOOSE to use the polyurethane implants over the others. So yes I am frustrated that after 3 questions, I only got a few answers and the rest was critisism.  Anyone else have this problem?

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I'm sorry you're frustrated with your responses. The doctors on RealSelf volunteer their time to answer questions. Many of them are wary of traveling abroad for cosmetic (or any medical) procedures because once you arrive home you will have no follow up care. Local surgeons will be hesitant to treat another surgeon's work.

I did see that you got some concrete feedback on this question about a surgical approach to enhancing your breasts. I hope that helped.