Too many surgeons in Sydney...Help!

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So like many of you on here, after years of procrastinating, I have finally decided to do this for myself. I want to have my rhinoplasty done this year and have been searching for a surgeon I am comfortable with for quite a while. Due to my breathing difficulties I would love to go to an ENT for my surgery. There are plenty out there, but how do I know who to use? I would also love to have my boobs done at the same time as it should work out more cost effective that way, but I have heard not to get boobs from an ENT.  I would like to stay in sydney for my surgery but I will go interstate for a good dr quite happily. can anyone help me find someone who can do both well? If not, who is the best ENT that is not too pretentious and is reasonable priced? i don't want to look like a totally different person, just slight improvements on both fronts.     

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Thanks for your post. You're probably right about not going to an ENT for breast augmentation (if they would even do them). Look for a surgeon who is very experienced both in rhinoplasty and breast aug.

Here's a list of questions to ask your prospective surgeons about rhinoplasty.

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Thank you for the helpful list. I will be sure to ask those questions :)
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