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surgeons in philadelphia - breast lift& butt augmentation

  • NanuMe87
  • philadelphia, pa
  • 2 years ago

I'm 24 years old. Mother of 1. 5'4 190lbs. I'm back working out looking to get back to my prebaby weight , 140. I breast fed him of course. But since I started developing breast I never liked them. They were always ugly to me. My weight has always been up and down. Because of that my breast changed more and more. I was sagging way before I had a child. Smh. So what I want info on for my breast is a doctor that can helong reduce the size of my areola's and give me perky breast. My other problem is my ass that doesn't exist. I'm black and Dominican. Usually we have hips and backside. I don't have either. I've never been comfortable with my body because of that. So I'd like to get a fat transfer/ Brazilian butt lift. Whichever would help me get some ass. Any info on surgeons in Philadelphia that could help, is greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!! Pricing too, If possible.