How many surgeons did you see before deciding on going ahead with your BR?

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First off, let me say that I'm frustrated, because I spent some time last night writing this same discussion topic, hit submit, and then it seemed to disappear into cyberspace :(.  So now I'm busy packing for my cruise, so will give you all an abbreviated version of the longer post I wrote last night.... I've read on this and other sites that you should get at least three consults before making your final decision on a PS and procedure.  Did most of you do this, or did you go for a consult, like the doc and what he had to say and then decided to go ahead with your BR?  I ask because I have my first consult set for April 5th, and the second, not until the 17th of April - that was the earliest appt I could get.  I've been doing my homework, reading on this and other sites, finding a doctor nearby with a great reputation - five stars on the Health Grades Website.  He's got a brand spankin' new facility dedicated to only breast surgeries, and has been practicing for over thirty years.  If I like him and we agree on procedure, etc, doesn't it make sense that I would want to go ahead and make the date?  My Pain Management doc told me he would write a letter of Medical Necessity to my insurance company stating that this surgery would significantly reduce my neck, back, and shoulder pain, so I'm pretty confident that I will get approved. Please, ladies, weigh in on this question!!  I would love to read at least a few responses before I leave on Sunday for our cruise. Thanks in advance for your help and answers.  I will have access to the internet on the cruise, so I can check in occasionally, but I hope that I'll be having so much fin that I don't have time :)    

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I saw 4 Dr.s--and I liked 3 of them honestly. But glad I picked the one I did...
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I have to admit.....clicked with my first doc, went with him, and dont have any regrets at all.
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Glad to hear that! That seems to be the case with several ladies I've spoken to! Thanks for your reply!
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Thanks, ladies. Kimmers, you hit it on the head - I am SO anxious to get this done, but I will try to be patient! I haven't been comfortable in my bras for several years now, and I can't believe that it took me until just now to think about having a BR! Duh...
Thanks Vivalv, I am finally all packed and ready to GO!!
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Jacquie, I agree with Kimmers. You will know when you find them. I was lucky and got the first one I tried. I am not sorry at all I didn't try others. I feel 100% confident with her. Bon Voyage!
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Keep going to consults until you find the right doctor for YOU!   This is the most important part of the process.  You need to totally click with your doctor and have 100% confidence in them.  Trust me you will know when you have found the one.  Always listen to your gut!

While I know you get anxious to have this's not a race.  Prep work is so important!   

Now I was a bit obsessed and had 9 consults.  I know a little overboard right!!   Nope it took me that long to find my "Doctor Wonderful".  He was worth all the stress, tanks of gas and foot work to find him.   This is a major surgical procedure and one must be totally prepared.  

This is a link to Doctor Consultation: what to ask about Breast Reduction.

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