Need a Surgeon for Revision Genioplasty?

  • Atlanta3756
  • Atlanta
  • 1 year ago

I had a genioplasty done two weeks. I am unhappy with the results. My initial swelling has went down so now i can see the structure of how my face will be. He removed a large chin implant of two years. Now my chin is long, my facial profile is different on each side I also have an weaker projection because he claims i have scar tissue. My main thing is i wanted a symmetrical feminine face. Please refer me to great surgeons who deal with revisions in Texas or out of state is fine.

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Your observations seem appropriate and a maxillofacial surgeon is a good choice for true bony chin surgery with an interest to achieve natural facial balance. Scarring is indeed a factor but not an obstacle and further xray study can determine the appropriate procedure and movement angles for your chin = it must balance with the remainder of your facial bone structure.
Thanks Sarah, but I was looking more for maxillfacial and oral surgeons who specialize in revision genioplasty and with before and afters.