What should I be doing and supplying myself with before surgery?

  • Iowa71
  • Iowa
  • 3 years ago

Two months ago I was searching so many sites looking for information about breast reduction.  I have read so much information that I can't remember what I found on what site.  RealSelf was the site I chose to focus on because I felt it had the best information and seemed very informative and useful. My problem is that I can't find all of the information that I wanted to remember when I finally decided to have the surgery. Some of the things that I remember people recommending having was Palmer's Oil, Gold Bond Itch Powder, Mederma, extra bras, gauze, ice packs.  But I think I read about a vitamin that was recommended before the surgery to promote healing...does anyone know what I am referring to?  My surgeon sent me a packet of information and was hoping that would say, but it wasn't there.  They did recommend using an antibacterial body soap, such as Safegard or Lever 2000 that specifically says Antibacterial on it, for the month prior to surgery and until fully healed. Does anyone have any other recommendations?  I am looking for anything that you think is absolutely necessary or even just makes the process go more smoothly.  Thanks for your help!