What should I be doing and supplying myself with before surgery?

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Two months ago I was searching so many sites looking for information about breast reduction.  I have read so much information that I can't remember what I found on what site.  RealSelf was the site I chose to focus on because I felt it had the best information and seemed very informative and useful. My problem is that I can't find all of the information that I wanted to remember when I finally decided to have the surgery. Some of the things that I remember people recommending having was Palmer's Oil, Gold Bond Itch Powder, Mederma, extra bras, gauze, ice packs.  But I think I read about a vitamin that was recommended before the surgery to promote healing...does anyone know what I am referring to?  My surgeon sent me a packet of information and was hoping that would say, but it wasn't there.  They did recommend using an antibacterial body soap, such as Safegard or Lever 2000 that specifically says Antibacterial on it, for the month prior to surgery and until fully healed. Does anyone have any other recommendations?  I am looking for anything that you think is absolutely necessary or even just makes the process go more smoothly.  Thanks for your help! 

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I know I'm not suppose to use anything for the first two weeks. But will make sure I'm following every instruction carefully. I am willing to do whatever I have to to minimize my risk of infection and increased scarring. Thanks for all of the support!

Just make sure you ask your PS. As I say mine said nothing to go on them at all for 6 weeks.
Then I can do what I like! I like the idea of vit E lotion.

Thanks for the advice. I have the Palmer's with Vitamin E and some Vaseline so think that should be a good start.
What you use is not nearly as important as just using something. Gently rub the incision site after its fully healed. Keep it out of the sun, use any type of moisturizer or lotion, and keep yourself well hydrated by increasing water intake. This all helps. Everyone's scars heal differently and there is no one answer to everything. They do take time. Redness from scarring can take 9-18 months to fade depending on skin type. I've used honeybeez lotion, palmer's skin therapy oil, vaseline cocoa butter deep conditioning and they all work about the same. From everything I've read Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and vaseline seem to be the most recommended.
Cant see a blog. But for scars, I am not using anything at all at the moment. I am 4 weeks PO and my PS does not like you to use anythign at all until the incisions are healed.
In the UK there are differing opinions as to whether anything truely makes a difference. I read somewhere that it is often down to a personal healing ability.
I think Kimmers used something that helped her though, I am sure she will reply.
2 weeks to go for you, I bet you are getting excited now.
I am making my surgery an excuse to buy cute button down PJs! What have you all used on scars? Ps check out my blog on reduction!
I did little before to prepare. Check with your surgeon b4 taking any type of pills. Most surgeons require you to stop taking certain meds. I showered 2 days after using a mild soap. Kept compression bra on for 3 weeks total. I wore a white tank Tshirt under bra because I found the bra material itchy after a few days. It doesn't necessarily matter what you use for scars. Vitamin E, cocoa butter, etc.... Just use something. I never needed ice packs and my surgeon never mentioned it. I just followed his physical restrictions, took a full 2 weeks off from work to heal and kept the area clean. I washed my compression bra daily. I had two so I could do that.
I've noticed from being on this forum that every doctor seems to have different healing processes. Don't panic!!! Get rest, don't push your recovery and keep them clean and you'll be fine.
I did not have drains so things may have been different healing wise. I had no problems, no infections and at 3 months I feel terrific. They are sore here and there and the feeling at the suture site is sell diminished but it improves as time passes. Recovery was not overly painful either. Just make sure you've asked your surgeon all your questions and you feel comfortable with him/her.
Good luck!!!!!
Thanks H. That is a great help! I think I am just doing a little freak out :-) Am excited, but I guess some aprehension is not unusual.

But I just keep thinking about that cute pink polka dotted bra that I saw at the store today and remind myself that in a few short months I will be able to treat myself to that!!
I have been taking Arnica tablets, 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after surgery. You can get 6 or 30. And I was told it does not matter which one you take. I am taking 30.
My surgeon doesnt recommend ice packs but some do. Again I have been told to leave the Z bra on until my next appointment (7 days after surgery). I asked about changing it but they said to be honest if you can bear to just leave it and sponge around it then do that. Sounds a bit horrid but there will be gauze and micropore stuff that is under the bra and may not be able to get back in position. the last thing you need is for ruffled gauze causing problems!
They have not recommended any cream or anti itch stuff, but say after 2 weeks that they provide something for light massage. At the moment things are starting to itch a little bit but that is nice cos it means its healing.
The soap they gave me was called Hibiscrub. It is antimicrobial and is basically the stuff that surgeons use to scrub up with. I just had to use it night before and morning of surgery. I have also been using it to was with since.
Hope this helps.

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