Supply List by jujupretty

  • 1 year ago

I wanted to share this wonderful list I found posted by jujupretty.  Ladies this will help you greatly in your prep and recovery.


  1. Bromalain
  2. Arnica Montana pill
  3. Arnica ointment
  4. Hibiclens
  5. Antibacterial Soap dial
  6. Two Bottles of Hand sanatiser
  7. Latex gloves
  8. Bacetracin
  9. Q tips
  10. Maxi Pads for incision ( in place of Medical pads)
  11. Two hot and or cold Ice packs ( Baggy of ice worked better)
  12. Heating pad
  13. Lotion for hands
  14. Purfume for freshness have your makeup close by
  15. mirror
  16. clean scissors
  17. Flushable wipes for freshness
  18. Rubbing alcohol
  19. clorox wipes to wipe down containers and bottles (everything!!!!)
  20. Hydrogen peroxide
  21. multi vitamin
  22. Got a few Valour zip up sweat suits
  23. a few comfy yoga pants
  24. recliner I decided to rent for 150 for a month
  25. some get a shower chair and toilette riser- I hear the toilette riser for if your tall but if your short you don't really need ..I didn't and I am short...others say a shower chair I was convinced one girl had mentioned a out door plastic chair instead of shower chair she said she washed ..but I purchased brand new and never ended up using... but then again I didn't have drains ( no drain tummy tuck procedure)
  26. Fiber One bars ( Don't use they give you gas pains) Special K cinnamon pastry crisps ( to die for)
  27. gauze tape and gauze I used the gauze to spread hydrogen peroxide as well as the bacatracin - cotton balls shed and get stuck in the stitches
  28. crackers
  29. fruits
  30. veggies
  31. pudding
  32. Organic apple sauce
  33. Special K protein Shakes ( never used too much sodium) Frozen fruit for smoothies
  34. Lots of water
  35. Cup with straw for my water
  36. Some type of snack you can eat in the middle of the night so you can wake and take you pain pill with something on your stomach without having to get up and be in all that pain.
  37. Ib profin after the first week I believe
  38. tylenol
  39. cough drops help from the tube as well as preventing you from coughing and being in a heep of pain
  40. antacid (tums)
  41. stool softners
  42. some people use laxatives I used activia yogurt to help with the constipation from the pain pills 
  43. tucks pads for your incision to help reduce puckering if you end up with puckering of the incision. or just to soothe once closed of course.

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Ok I have lots of questions I'm in Australia and I don't recognize some of the things listed or know what you used them for, Bromalain, arnica, hibiclen, bacetracin ???
Ok the Bromelain is derived from Pineapple and acts as an anti inflammatory agent.  Some say this helps with swelling after surgery.  Arnica is also something that some claim helps with swelling, pain and acts as an antiseptic.  Hibiclens acts as an antiseptic and cleansing agent.  Then the bacitracin is an antiobiotic ointment.  

I never used any of these items.  I took a healthy dose of a pure vitamin C for weeks prior to surgery.  I then used hydrogen peroxide as a cleansing agent for my incisions.   I like to keep everything clean and dry.  

Women have had success with all of these products; but it's really a personal preference.  Also always ask your doctor before taking or applying anything.  
Thank you for sharing this, it's quite relevant!
Curious what the hydrogen peroxide is for? I have read that it can harm healing skin?

The hydrogen peroxide is a cleansing agent.  When I had my c-section my doctor had me place this on my infected incision.  Doesn't hurt at all.  Always check with your doctor though before placing anything on your incisions.  

My doctor had me clean the area first with hydrogen peroxide..then apply bacetracine ointment. I used for approximatley 1 month after. Then again I had a no drain drain tt so it may be different for others who have drains.