super sensitive skin after BA

  • cricricri11
  • Berlin,DE
  • 2 years ago

hi everyone , i am two months away from my BA, silicone, high profile, dual plane. I had absolutely no problems (apart from a small rippling which might be soon fixed with fat injections). Trouble is thou that my skin is suppppppppppppppppppper sensitive and always a little reddish. I could seriously splash cream on every two hours (but i clearly don't). Even the most comfy bras are slightly bothering. I wondered if anyone out there experienced this at all .  i thought it was normal at the beginning, but believe it should be ok by now !  Thanks  C

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I did use a steroid cream for a few days, but it made my skin so dry. Also, i have read not to use those creams for too long since it can make one's skin even thinner!

I'm sorry that's happening. It must be super bothersome. Have you asked your doctor for a topical steroid to see if that calms your skin down a bit?