I have a super gross situation happening...need advise ASAP!

  • 0351_wife
  • Richmond, VA
  • 2 years ago

SO, I had my TT with MR and Lipo on 10/14/11. I have had tons of issues like Staph and MRSA. Well, due to all the issues I  have changed surgeons and have only seen my new surgeon once. Tonight I was changing clothes and noticed that I had this horrible greenish discharge coming out of my incision!! It is all red in the area and I can "walk" my fingers down my incision towards the opening and this stuff just oozes out. I took pictures of it to show my new surgeon...and I will post them here but I warn you they are nasty!!! Does this look like infection to you guys? Should I call my surgeon tonight to tell him about this or can it wait till morning at least? I in pain and just miserable right now. I don't have a fever...yet. That is probably next!!! I have been trying to get all this stuff out for nearly 45 minutes now and it's still coming out!! HELP!