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How is sun damage to chest area treated?

  • Latoretta
  • 98105
  • 7 years ago

What procedures or what creams help to restore some plumpness to the chest & decollete area that has been wrinkled due to sun damage??

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This is a common concern for many women - especially in sunny So. Calif. Oftentimes, we are diligent with our sunscreen to the face but forget the neck and chest area. This results in these areas having noticeable color changes (brown/red) with wrinkling or thickening of the skin. The term for this condition is called poikiloderma. In our practice, we combine two different types of lasers to resolve the discoloration and improve the texture. It works - I know firsthand! L. Haney, RN

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If the chest wrinkles are due to sun damage, I have found that IPL treatments can restore a more youthful appearance. Of course not all skin types are appropriate for IPL. However, in the right patient, eliminating sun damage decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles dramatically. Obagi now offers a skin care system formulated for use on the chest/decollete area that I have prescribed with great results.
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