Am i suitable for Laser treatments?

  • Mihai
  • 1 year ago

Hello. Sorry for my possible gramatical errors. I male, 34 years old, I live in Romania (east european, brown eyes). Please help me with some advices. I have a lot of hair of my body and I want to get rid of it with laser (I put some pics below, I apologize if this disgust anyone). Questions: 1. what type of skin do I have? Maybe 3 or 4? 2. in my case can I use laser to get rid of my hair (chest, belly, back, shoulder, legs)? 3. if YES, what laser to use? Cutera Coolglide 1064 nm Nd Yag or GentleLase or Gentlemax from Candela? 4. I have more chances to get rid of my body hair, or I have more chances to laser hair stimulation? Thx.

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In my opinion, the skill of person who does the work is at least as important as choice of laser. My skin tone is similar to yours. Based on laser type alone I probably would have selected an Alexandrite (like Gentlelase). But I decided I wanted to work with a physician and I found a doctor I liked with a GentleYag. She adjusted the settings to match my skin type and I am very happy with the results. Also, it is my opinion the Yag may take a little longer with your skin type but is likely to be less painful and cause less inflamation.
I also have slightly olive skin and dark hair, my hair is very coarse probably similar to yours. I have been getting mine done with Gentlelase but it took 4 sessions before I saw a lot of thinning and now only small regrowth. BUT it's painful in the bikini area, but not in the underarms. You should try it, but it was expensive. For me it was $70 for 5 minute session. In that 5 minutes we would treat both underarms and Brazilian bikini area.