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  • WeightLossGal
  • New England
  • 3 years ago

I called the  doctor today to schedule my consult ... Please send me suggestions Any you have I appreciate it Thank You  Thank You

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Go in prepared with your list of questions.  You will forget if you don't have a list in hand.   You will ask about scar placement, technique, belly button, binders, his credentials, photos of his previous work, medications, etc.

Also pay attention to how he makes you feel.  Warm and fuzzy, does he answer all your questions, is he in a hurry with you.  Really listen to and trust your gut here. 

You must totally click with the doctor and feel totally at ease with him.  Remember this is your body and this is a major surgery so you call the shots here. 

If you have any little bells going off then schedule a consult with another doctor.  There is no limit to how many you can see.  Plus this is not a race so take your time with the decision.  You need to be 100% comfortable, confident and happy with your doctor. 



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