Suffering through Invisilign for TMJ improvement?

  • sally138
  • 1 year ago

I am seeing a dentist whom I like, and he has been trying to help with my TMJ for the past year. The problem is muscular and not structural. He has used splints which helped but didn't take pain away completely. I still got headaches and joint soreness throughout the day. He has much experience in helping people with this and believed that I should take other measures if splint wasn't working. He figured that because my bite is off and my teeth are crooked, that I am putting undue stress on my joint all day which is causing muscles to constantly spasm. So he recommended to fix my bite and therefore straighten crooked and crowded teeth. I am now on second week of  Invisilign with an orthodontist that he recommended and still in pain, but now have more obvious tension headaches. I am willing to fight through this if it will help my TMJ situation long term, but man oh man the pain is constant! Has anyone had experience with trying to improve TMJ with Invisilign? I really want it to work as I have been dealing with TMJ for way too long. I am in forties and healthy otherwise.