Has anyone had a successful tattoo removal? I have some concerns.

  • Jessica St.
  • St. Petersburg
  • 2 years ago

I have  a large, mostly light and dark blue tattoo that covers most of my back. I have an olive complexion, and am generally healthy. I know the laser-removal procedures (with the Ruby, Yag, and new R20) and am familiar with how the process works, potential side effects, and length of time and costs. But I'd like to hear peoples' stories who have actually experienced it, rather than just reading dry medical studies and over-optimistic clinics' promises. Anything helps!   Thanks!  

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There are currrently 68 reviews of Tattoo removals. I would definitely encourage you to read through some of them and post your questions and concerns in the comments section. The community members are very helpful, so I'm sure they would be happy to share what their thoughts.

Here are a couple Q&A's that might be of interest to you as well:

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If you opt for removal, please start a review so we can hear how it is going and offer you support along the way. :)

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