has anybody been successful removing Aquamid or any other permanent filler? (silicone, bio-alcamid, etc)

  • chin_chin
  • 5 months ago

I am suffering from Aquamid side effects since 10 years now. My lip is swollen, looks very unnatural, very protrudent and moves weird when I talk. I have been searching help on the internet for the last few years and did not find any clue what to do. You actually always get to hear that either you can take steroid injections or antibiotics or have a surgery to cut out the material and scar tissue together with lip tissue.  I have seen quite a few doctors, but all of them had little experience with permanent filler complications and advised me to leave it as it is in order not to make it even worse. I had steroid injections which brought only temporary relief. I have been on a 2-month course of strong antibiotics which did not bring anything (except that they ruined my stomach). I even had one surgeon (as turned out later - an unexperienced one) perform surgery on my lip. All of this brought no relief, not even a slight improvement.  Please, anybody out there  with permanent fillers - have you managed to improve you looks or even get rid of a permanent filler? Is there any chance for a natural looks again?

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Hi, I'm sorry you are going through this. After having aquamid injected 10 years ago, I am starting to experience problems. Were you able to find help? Please keep us posted, and all the best ! I hope you find someone who can help.
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You poor thing! I'm sorry you're dealing with this. Here's what some doctors say about removing permanent fillers.

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