Has anyone had a successful fat transfer procedure to correct deformities from bad liposuction?

  • bellek
  • 2 years ago

If you have please advise, the results and the doctor you used. I have been living with botched liposuction results for two years, the surgeon I used ruined every part of my body that he touched. Waviness on my abs (he told me he could give me a six pack), lower buttock/post upper thigh divots, cobbling, and asymmetry of buttocks, outer thigh asymmetry (which I didn't even consent to have done). Inner thigh and ankle irregularities (more asymmetry and dents). I don't even know how a trained, "board certified" plastic surgeon could do as poor of a job as he did, but he did. I am hopeful that the technology on fat grafting has improved and there are those that have had successful results.  Please help.