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Has anybody had success getting a lump smoothed that you got from a filler? Any recourse financially or asthetically?

  • curiousbutunsure
  • 1 year ago

I had Radiesse injected into my tear troughs and area between my lower lip and chin/jawline to the tune of 800 dollars.  Lower part of my face looks good.  I have a horizontal ridge, however, just below my tear trough, however and an odd dimple just beneath it that gets accentuated when I smile.  I called the doctor and left messages once in the early morning and once in the afternoon the day after it was injected.  I have not heard back from him and it is the end of the second day.  I have read on here that my only options are to wait more than a year for it to go away on its own or to risk it being worse if I ask him to fix it.  I was hoping for some success stories and how you got it resolved either on your face or in your pocket book.  

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I think I have rest several places that Radiesse should not be used in eye area. I have had Radiesse in nasolabial fold and have no problems. I am very pleased in fact.
Now the doctor's nurse tells me it was not Radiesse that was injected but that it was Betolero. You see those two depressions next to the bridge of my nose? They are caused by this hard ridge that is right above them from the filler. I don't believe it was Betolero like the nurse is now claiming because that product is never supposed to be hard.