Stuck in a Rut..not Sure What to Do! I Need Some Advice...

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Hello :) I'm a almost 34 year old mother of 1. I've never been married...not sure if I ever will but, I've always said that if I got married and my husband wanted children I would have more. With that being said I'm almost 34..have no "husband prospects", and I feel terrible about how I've let my body get so out of control these last years. I'm 6'0 and 230 lbs. I have been exercising regularly but b/c of low funds being a single mother I don't eat very well and I get super depressed about my body. My daughter will be five's been her and I since her birth and what I was interested in was doing something for myself. Even though I love the results I've seen of the ladies that have posted on here...I'm so so so nervous/worried about getting the "Mommy Makeover." I know that it would be great for my self esteem but, b/c it's just my daughter and really bothers me about the recovery time, the scars, and all of the what if's that go along with having surgery done. I wouldn't have anyone to help me after the surgery....and I wouldn't want anything to happen negatively to me while getting this done. So, I was researching some other options (non-surgical procedures) but, b/c i'm in need of a total rehaul i don't believe those would give me the results i'm looking for. So, If anyone's out there reading this..could you please give me some advice..Thanks!!! ----Single and ready to mingle in VA----

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Virginia. I lived there for a few years. :). Well, I'd say don't do it until you're done having babies. So if that's still a thought, wait. I was a single mommy of 6 for several years, and thought I was done. Then I met my hubby, and have had 2 more. Now I'm 40, and one week post op :) So you still have time! Also, you will NEED a caregiver for the first week for sure, and a lot of help for the second week. So if you decide it's tube tying time, and you go for it, you don't want to cause complications or setbacks by not having the help you need. Take care of you! :)
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Hi Single Lady,

I can totally understand your hesitation to do a mommy makeover. Likely surgeons you consult with would want you to get as close to your ideal weight as possible before surgery so you get the best possible results. Here's what some doctors say about a tummy tuck and weight loss.

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Angiemcc, thank you so much for your feedback. I'm currently on a strict diet and trying to get down around 30/40 lbs before I consult a physician :)
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