Stuck in a Rut..not Sure What to Do! I Need Some Advice...

  • special1978
  • 2 years ago

Hello :) I'm a almost 34 year old mother of 1. I've never been married...not sure if I ever will but, I've always said that if I got married and my husband wanted children I would have more. With that being said I'm almost 34..have no "husband prospects", and I feel terrible about how I've let my body get so out of control these last years. I'm 6'0 and 230 lbs. I have been exercising regularly but b/c of low funds being a single mother I don't eat very well and I get super depressed about my body. My daughter will be five's been her and I since her birth and what I was interested in was doing something for myself. Even though I love the results I've seen of the ladies that have posted on here...I'm so so so nervous/worried about getting the "Mommy Makeover." I know that it would be great for my self esteem but, b/c it's just my daughter and really bothers me about the recovery time, the scars, and all of the what if's that go along with having surgery done. I wouldn't have anyone to help me after the surgery....and I wouldn't want anything to happen negatively to me while getting this done. So, I was researching some other options (non-surgical procedures) but, b/c i'm in need of a total rehaul i don't believe those would give me the results i'm looking for. So, If anyone's out there reading this..could you please give me some advice..Thanks!!! ----Single and ready to mingle in VA----