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I am strongly interested in male rhinoplasty. I've wanted to do it for 20 years. Will do it this summer, 2014.

  • Bill5545
  • 9 months ago

I'm looking for a socially acceptable way to fake a sports injury, etc, in order to justify this procedure to colleagues, family, etc. Please advise.

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Say you have taken up boxing lessons
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I personally think it's socially acceptable for men to get rhinoplasty. Look at these guys:

But if you're not into being up front about it, which is fine and totally your choice of course, you might want to say that you have a deviated septum (and it may turn out to be true) that you need work on. Have you had any consultations yet? You may find out some things that are functionally wrong with your nose when you do, and you can use that as your excuse. :)

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