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Getting things stretched out

  • Lexigirl
  • Allen/Dallas TX
  • 3 years ago

I am only 4 weeks plus 1 day post op.  I had a full tt with muscle repair.  When is it 'okay' to start getting things more stretched out?  Do I let my body just determine this or at some point do I need to 'push' the stretch?  Of course I don't want to compromise my results, but at the same time it seems like a bit of physical encouragement would be needed....(?)

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My doc had me start by laying totally flat on the bed and holding that position for 5-10 minutes several times a day.  Lay flat on your back, arms up over your head, and back of your knees flat to the mattress. 

It was a chore just to remove the pillows out from under my knees.  It hurt like crazy the first four days doing this.  But it did help my back.  I started this at two weeks post op and went very slow. 

I was not able to do a full standing stretch for about five months.   It just hurt so badly:(  You will eventually get there though. 

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You know I was wondering the same thing about stretching. When during the recovery process are you really able to do a full stretch?

I've read where some women have done yoga around 6 wks maybe that's a good starting point. But just curious...when are you really able to do a nice good ole fashioned stretch?
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Are you referring to standing up straight so your back is not hunched over?

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