Should I use straw to drink tea with my trays in or not worth the risk?

  • anitana28
  • glendale,ca
  • 2 years ago

I recently just got my invisalign and am very excited about it .  I have only had water with them on  so far but I love having my iced green tea ( teabag not a carbonated drink) with no sweetener.  Is it possible to use a straw and rinse right away or should I not risk it? I'm not a soda or coffee drinker.  Just love my tea :)

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I drink coffee and tea with my trays in. I like to stay well hydrated and water all the time just doesn't satisfy. My trays get stained but I don't think it is noticeable, and even if it is it's temporary. Depends on what's more important for you.
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I hate to say anything that would contradict what your dentist/orthodontist would advise, so first check with him/her...but my guess is as long as you rinsed really well after you'd probably be ok.

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