Is anyone stomach rock hard after tummy tuck?

  • Gutkarina
  • Miami fl
  • 3 years ago

I had a tummy tuck 2 weeks ago and I started noticing it growing and getting real hard and then I was experiencing pain again. So my doctor said he's not to sure what it could be so he sent me home with bactrim ( antibiotic) so now what should I do I don't want a ugly stomach.

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Ok thank u so much kim
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Yes i did have the muscle repair. N the doctor said its a little saggy because of swelling but i dnt believe him. But that it will go away.
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Just keep an eye on it.  You are early in the healing process and the swelling is terrible right now.  As you heal your skin will contact a bit so don't be discouraged just yet.

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Ok thank u so much. Will do. Im just wondering after ur tt did ur stomach look saggy? Because mine do
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No not saggy at all.  Mine was flat, tight and hard as a rock and still is.

Did you have muscle tightening?

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Some hardness to the tummy when healing is normal.  Between the swelling and more swelling this can happen.  Keep an eye on it and watch for fluid build up.  Although your tummy will feel more like a water bed if this happens. 

Mine was rock hard for a few weeks but there was not anything wrong with me.  Mine was from the Swell Hell. 

Listen to your body and if something bothers you then get into the doctor for a check.  That is what they are there for so don't be shy.

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